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In 2005 we restored a gutted 1963 Airstream Trailer and went on the road full-time for almost 2 years (655 days).

In September of 2011 we took delivery of a 2012 27 foot Airstream Flying Cloud and have been living and working full-time in it ever since (1619 days).

We’re traveling with our 15 year old Australian Shepherd mix dog Curtis. Curtie doesn’t care where we are, he’s happy as long as we’re together. I think in his mind, living in the trailer is like being in a big dog crate.

Between the two trailers, the three of us have spent a total of 2274 days on the road!

For the past 2 years we’ve been building an RV camping website called Campendium. If you’re interested in finding and sharing awesome campsites, please check it out!


In typical snowbird fashion, summers will be in the north and winters in the south. This isn’t set in stone, but it’s a rough idea of what we’re planning for the next 3 years. (15 means 2015, etc).

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