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In the past we’ve received a lot of spammy advertising inquiries, like people looking to buy links or post articles on our blog. So when we were approached by Arbogast Airstream to sponsor an ad in our sidebar, we were really excited. I’ve set up a special size for Arbogast, and now as a result, we have an extra available ad spot.

Monthly we’ve been averaging:

- 4,000 unique visitors
- 37% new visitors
- 8,700 visits
- 26,000 pageviews

I can provide a Google Analytics PDF on request.

Available sizes
- 125 x 125 : $45/month = .0017 cents per impression
- 250 x 250 : $75/month = .0028 cents per impression

Advance payment required. Minimum 3 months. 10% discount for a year. Payment by PayPal.

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