Airstreaming Book

July 29, 2012  |  Airstream Blog

On Friday morning I was contacted by Thomas Schabarum via the Aluminarium Facebook page. He wrote a novel called “Airstreaming” and he wanted to bring us a copy while we were in Seattle. Tom has never owned an Airstream before but hopes to get his own Flying Cloud in the fall.


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  1. I hope Tom gets an Airstream….he seems to understand their meaning….good marketing move to seek you guys out…..

  2. It was so great meeting you all and getting to hear some great tips from Brian. I’ve been all over the SuttonRV website. I’m so looking forward to picking one up soon. It’s going to change my life, for sure! Thanks for the blog space and I hope to see you all soon. If you’re in Seattle soon, come over for a BBQ.

    Happy Trails. T.

    (thanks, Terrie! I’m looking forward to getting one!)

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