Alumafiesta 2014

February 5, 2014  |  Airstream Blog

This road runner has been hanging out by our trailer this week.

Tuesday night we went over to Alumafiesta to crash the happy hour festivities. In a stretch to tie the photo above to this post, I felt like a roadrunner zipping from one conversation to the next. We were there for about an hour and a half and didn’t take any pictures, so forgive me for grabbing some from facebook.

emma-eleanorEleanor & Emma. Rich‘s wife and daughter. We’ve seen Rich 3 times now in the past month and have yet to see his elusive family. It was a relief to learn that he doesn’t have them locked in a closet and they’re just really busy with karate and getting ready for a long drive to Florida for Alumaflamingo.

leslieLeslie wrote an article in the current issue of Airstream Life about our caravan to Canada. I’d talked to her on the phone and via email, so it was great to meet her in person along with her husband Chris. Chris by the way, developed the new Airstream Life ipad app.

rhondaThen there’s Rhonda. I’ve followed her blog for awhile now and we were in a Challenge Magazine article together, so when I heard she’d be at Alumafiesta, I knew I’d want to track her down. We had a power-chat and I hope to see her again in Oregon this summer.

albertI’ve been communicating with Albert since November. We were hoping to meet up in Vegas, but for some reason it didn’t work out. Albert is a dog photographer with an awesome URL and is coming over on Friday for a photo shoot with Curtis. I’m so excited!

airstreaming-bookWe met Tom in 2012 and didn’t know that he was going to be speaking about his book at Alumafiesta, so it was a total surprise when he walked up to say Hi. Since we met, he finally got an Airstream and he also offered us courtesy parking next time we’re in Seattle!

jerryI had no idea that Jerry was going to be at Alumafiesta. He is very loyal to us on facebook and likes most of our posts! During our conversation Tuesday, he told me that initially he didn’t like our blog because it only had one photo, well I’m really glad he changed his mind!

rogerWe got to meet Roger and Roxie over the weekend. They stopped at Snyder Hill for some boondocking before moving on to the Alumafiesta campground. Roger has been interacting with our blog and I’ve been reading his for awhile now, so it was cool to finally meet in person.

brettWe can’t forget Brett, he co-organizes Alumafiesta along with Rich. He was running around doing organizational things, so we didn’t have much time for anything beyond some quick hellos and a hug. Hopefully, we’ll get some real visiting in next winter when we go to Florida.

We also saw the gang from Repairstream. We originally met them in Borrego Springs but never had a chance to do a family photo of them with their trailer. For anyone actually attending Alumafiesta, Stevyn (the mom on board Repairstream) is teaching yoga classes every morning during the rally.

While I was gabbing with the crew above, Brian was deep in conversation with Koos and Stephan from The Netherlands. One of them had a Tesla jacket on so Brian (who mentions Elon Musk to me almost every day) couldn’t resist approaching them. The two have an Airstream in the US that they use when they come to visit. They’re returning this summer, it would be cool if we could meet up again.

I hope I’m not missing someone, but as you can see it was a whirlwind.

2014 Cost of Camping:
0 nights paid camping
35 nights free camping
35 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $0
Daily average cost of camping: $0


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  1. I am happy you can now rest easy, knowing that Emma & I still exist and are not locked away in a closet. ;)
    It was great to reconnect with you and Brian(if even for just a few minutes). I’m hoping I get to see you again before we depart for Sarasota.

  2. Awesome Roadrunner picture! Sounds like that was quite the busy evening of socializing over at Alumafiesta. I am most excited that you meet Jerry. He’s such a great supporter of Airstream bloggers and I know I can always count on him for a facebook like. I’ve always thought he must be a great guy :)

  3. Sounds like good times. Love the roadrunner!

  4. It was fun to meet you and Brian. I learned less is more on blogs. You have great photos, great food and it’s fun to see your camping costs through the year. Hope to cross paths again.

  5. Hi Leigh, in reply to your question, Mike and I are back in Long Beach Ca. Were you referring to AlumaFiesta? Sorry we missed meeting you. Pencil us in and we will meet up somewhere out there on the road!

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