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For years we have been using the weBoost Sleek booster and love it. The only drawback, is that you can only boost one device at a time and the device itself tends to get very hot.

A few months ago weBoost sent us a Drive 4G-X booster, a AG DT Panel Antenna Upgrade Kit and a Spring Mount Antenna.

We’ve heard great things about the Drive 4G-X, so we were excited to give it a try. The only problem for us, is we aren’t very handy, so we had to find someone to do the installation.

Lew Farber, has done solar installations for a few friends of ours and came highly recommended. He did a beautiful job installing the Drive 4G-X above our DVD player.

The Drive 4G-X comes with a small transmitter that has a limited range between 18 and 36 inches, and the AG DT Panel Antenna Upgrade Kit extends that range to cover the entire trailer.

We were a little uncertain whether or not we wanted to install the upgrade kit because it’s so big. Lew convinced us that we would be happier with the panel upgrade, and we’re really glad we did it. It’s so nice not to be tethered to the booster and the Drive 4G-X is a worthwhile upgrade from the Sleek.

Here are some speed tests from when we were camping in Long Key State Park:

Verizon – DOWNLOAD: 7.74Mb/s, UPLOAD: 3.31Mb/s
AT&T – DOWNLOAD: 15.02Mb/s, UPLOAD: 4.54Mb/s

Boosted with Sleek
Verizon – DOWNLOAD: 11.04Mb/s, UPLOAD: 6.08Mb/s
AT&T – DOWNLOAD: 17.04Mb/s, UPLOAD: 0.51Mb/s

Boosted with Drive 4G-X
Verizon – DOWNLOAD: 29.90Mb/s, UPLOAD: 7.18Mb/s
AT&T – DOWNLOAD: 18.92Mb/s, UPLOAD: 14.80Mb/s

We didn’t actually install the Spring Mount Antenna on the Airstream, because we thought it was a little too tall for our rig. Eventually, we plan to use it on the truck with the Sleek.

weBoost Shopping List
Drive 4G-X
AG DT Panel Antenna Upgrade Kit
Spring Mount Antenna

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