End of the Free Streak

February 23, 2014  |  Airstream Blog

Yesterday morning we texted with Dan & Marlene to see where they were going to be camping in Phoenix.


Well, we didn’t let Dan pay for us, but we did end up joining them and The Works family over at Usery Mountain Regional Park for just the night.

Dinner Last Night:
Yesterday, we went to the grocery store without a list!! It was probably for the best considering that the produce department was really lacking in organic and the rest of the market wasn’t very impressive. So this week I’m winging it. Last night we had snacks while we hung out between the trailers. Chips, salsa, carrots, olives, smoked salmon and beans.

2014 Cost of Camping:
0 nights paid camping
52 nights free camping
52 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $17
Daily average cost of camping: $0.33


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  1. Same thing here. Seventeen for overflow at Lost Dutchman. But, happy to have it. We really like this place.

    • Oh wow, you guys are really close. We’re moving over to Buckeye today. It’s a great free park just west of Phoenix. Let me know if you think you can make it over for a visit!

  2. Hi Leigh:

    Sue and I will be heading up to Lake Pleasant Regional Park tomorrow (north-west of Phoenix).

    • I saw on your blog that you were finally in Arizona! We’re all just circling each other aren’t we?! I just mapped it, unfortunately it’s an hour and 43 minutes away. After this week we’re headed to Lake Mead in Nevada.

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