Let There Be Light!

December 14, 2012  |  Airstream Blog

At some point last month both of the lights in the hood above our stove blew out within a few days of each other and I’ve been cooking in the dark ever since. I’m still not entirely satisfied with our overhead lights, so I’ve been using the light over the sink, the shower light and sometimes I’d even wear a headlamp.

We thought we had to get the bulbs from Airstream. So yesterday when Brian called the dealer in Los Angeles, the parts guy told him that we could get the little halogens at any local RV or lighting store. He also mentioned that if we bought them from him they would be about $15 each and if we went elsewhere they’d be only a few dollars. I think we ended up paying $15 for 2. Is it possible that we can get 10 for a penny on Amazon?!!


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  1. well, it is not clear to me why we got a picture of a box of bulbs instead of YOU with your headlamp on….xx

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