Roving Happy Hour

For some reason work has been kind of stressful this week, and then somehow I’ve managed to make after work stressful by having this self-imposed goal of photographing all of the Airstreamers here. I was also stressing out over making a nutritious meal every night. Well, the night before last, when we got back to the trailer I was totally wiped out and felt like I was just getting off work!

We decided to drop the photo goal, and if the opportunity to take a picture of someone with their Airstream comes up naturally, then we’ll do it. Otherwise, we’re just going to enjoy the few hours of Alumafiesta that we’re able to attend each day.

So last night after work, we participated in Roving Happy Hour. That’s where you wander around the campground looking for Airstreams with this flashing blue light out front. I think there were four trailers hosting last night, but we only found three.

I also didn’t pressure myself to make some awesome new dinner last night. We had ravioli and left over cabbage and kale salad (it’s finally gone).

2013 Cost of Camping:
Through Sunday Feb 10:
13 nights paid camping
27 nights free camping
Total spent on camping this year: $400.25
Daily average cost of camping: $10.01

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