100th Birthday Party

This past weekend, we flew to New York to join my family in New Haven for my Nonnie's 100th birthday party. proclomation One of my favorite parts of the party was the reading of this proclamation written by the Mayor of East Haven Connecticut pronouncing February 15, 2017 "Angelina Jenkins Day." ladies Pictured, my Aunt Sue, my Mom with the birthday girl. cousins My cousins Basil, Alexie, Nikki, Chandra and my Uncle Radha. ravi More cousins, Ravi and Nikki. My Dad and Brian were there too, I just didn't get any photos of them. It was great to see everyone even if it was just for a quick visit. We'll be back in the area sometime in May. 2017 Cost of Camping: 4 nights free camping 44 nights paid camping (thru 2/18) 48 days this year Total spent on camping this year: $1832.06 Daily average cost of camping: $38.17
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