1st Annual Aluminogan

September 1, 2012  |  blog

This weekend Tiffani and Deke joined us on our property in Okanogan county. We’d like to make this an annual gathering. Next year we’re hoping it will be the launching point for a caravan to Banff National Park.

At first Curtis wasn’t too excited to see Lucy but he’s pretty cool with her now.


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  1. Look how they have their space….so glad Curtis has Lucy as a friend….what month are you planning the gathering next year? It all looks great….xoxo

  2. Cool idea . The tour. If u are headed Canada way . I would love for u to include
    Vernon BC as a stop. I can offer u a great Boone dock spot with sani dump and fresh water. Or check out swanlakerecresort.com. (pool hot tub lakeshore fully landscaped
    Sites. ). I a,m amember at this resort and we do rentals . Highlites on the way to banff
    Are the last spike. Three valley gap. The summit at Rodgers pass and the sea serpents
    In the burgess shale at field.
    Cheers rob Bryant

  3. Visited Banff and Jasper National Parks some years ago when my wife and I were riding a GoldWing motorcycle. The MOST beautiful place we have ever, ever been. Can’t say enough nice things about the place. Enjoy.

  4. We are hoping to be able to join you for Banff next year!

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