Airstream Carnies

January 7, 2014  |  blog

Last night we were treated to a very impressive circus side-show act by fellow Airstreamers Charon and Alex. Pictured above is Charon swallowing a very long sword.


Before the show I met their hairless sphynx cat Brundlefly.


Alex opened the show by explaining the difference between a trick and the real thing. Pictured above is the real thing – a nail in his nose.


The audience was advised not to try this at home.


Charon amazed us with her fire-eating skills.


While Alex breathed fire.


For the finale the two swallowed some swords. Charon removed the handle from her last sword to prove to any doubters that the swords were definitely not retractible.

Link: Charon Henning – Odd Angel Studios

Dinner Last Night:
Surprisingly, we didn’t lose our appetite and returned home to have Red Lentil Kofta (we’ve had this before, it’s really good) with Tzatziki. I made half of this recipe and substituted veganaise for the yogurt served with raw spinach and tomatoes.


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