Bijou Theatre

September 24, 2011  |  blog

This week we went to the Bijou Theatre in Lincoln City to see The Help. The Bijou is a cool 2nd run movie theater run by a couple, Keith and his wife Betsy. Prior to the Bijou the theater was called the Lakeside Theater and has been open since 1937. I was reading online about it today and learned that I should have checked out the ladies lounge where I could see some old timey graffiti.

The movie The Help was good, but the book was so much better.

Bijou Theatre
1624 NE Highway 101
Lincoln City, OR


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  1. I love old theaters…have you been to the casino in Lincoln City?

  2. If your travels happen to take you to Beverly, Massachusetts, (20 or so minutes north of Boston) might I suggest a visit to The Cabot Street Cinema?

    Not precisely the jewel that Bijou seems to be (ha ha) but on Sundays, the longest-running resident magic show performs.

    Just thought I’d throw those out there. Happy travels!

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