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November 23, 2011  |  blog

Last night we hung out with Bruno’s parents Dan and Tricia. They found 3 year old Bruno at the shelter, he’s a shar-pei shepherd mix and is a real love bug.


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  1. Leigh, Great photo of Bruno… I got married last saturday to p and we sold our house. Still want you to come and visit you can see the transformation of what ever we end up with. Whit seems to be doing great, he’s in San Miguel de Allende with his Dad. Mike Casey and I will be able to see him Xmas time in Buffalo NY. Love you, Eadie
    p.s. Seeing your Mom and Dad tomorrow for Thanksgiving

  2. I got married last saturday to Mike

  3. He is such a cutie! Happy Thanksgiving !

  4. Bruno has a kissable look….what a cute baby….great photo…thanks….

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