Elk Fest Game

Elk Fest Game

March 21, 2011  |  blog

Saturday at the wine shop on Lummi Island a wild game of Elk Fest broke out. The object is to get your elk across the “water” before your opponent. You get 2 separate taps to the little stepping stones to position them so you can move your elk towards the opposite island.

Elizabeth ended up winning.


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  1. How did I miss all the action?! Love the little elkies! (but don’t they look more moose-y?)

  2. Yes, the rules even call them “moose” and not “elk”! For some reason, the title and the rules disagree. I think maybe it was Leere who thought the name might be because they call them elk in Europe.

    I knocked a moose in the water at one point, which caused a “wet moose” and gave Sean an extra flick!

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