Fonts Point

January 10, 2013  |  blog

Last night after work, Tim and Amanda drove us out to Fonts Point which overlooks the Anza Borrego Badlands. We were a few minutes late for the sunset light but it was still an incredible view.

2013 Cost of Camping
4 nights paid camping
5 nights free camping
Total spent on camping this year: $107.41
Daily average cost of camping: $11.93

Money spent this year: None! I think Mike’s comment yesterday helped me decide what to do. I’m going to keep the damn $107.41 on the books for this year even though it came out of pocket last year. At the end at the end of the year it won’t really affect our daily average, and if we go to the south east next winter I think our boondocking options are pretty limited AND I want to try out some pretty spendy campgrounds. Meanwhile, I find it entertaining.

Amanda said she’d be interested if I posted links to what I’m cooking, so last night’s dinner was: Polenta Steaks with Asparagus Pesto & Cherry Tomatoes


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  1. how long can you stay out and have interesting dinners and a wine supply? I will love seeing the recipes too!! Save all this for the book or books….

    • We came with 2 weeks of supplies, though it turns out the little market in Borrego Springs isn’t bad at all. Happy to see Organic Valley milk and Amy’s brand.

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