Free Speech

March 29, 2012  |  blog

Saturday Brian and I spent walking around DC. We were lucky to see the cherry blossoms, because later that day it rained and they all went away!

Even though we don’t agree with the these protesters, it’s great to be in a country where people can voice their opinions. I love that they stopped to pose for the liberal girl with the camera.

We continued our walk down the National Mall and saw the Reason Rally. The purpose of the Reason Rally was to “embolden secular people nationwide.”

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  1. wow to the cherry blossoms…..why can’t we be more like dogs?

  2. It was great to be there on the Centennial Celebration of the Cherry Trees!

    “In 1912, an incredible gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees was bestowed on Washington, DC by Tokyo, Japan. Rooted strongly and surviving outside elements, the trees have withstood the test of time – and nearly a century later, the National Cherry Blossom Festival is preparing for an unprecedented and once-in-a-lifetime celebration”. National Cherry Blossom Festival

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