Game Night

Game Night

March 22, 2011  |  blog

Sean and Elizabeth always brings over some really fun games. Saturday night we played Ticket to Ride, which was a railroad building game, Incan Gold which involved tents and treasure, Guillotine, where we chopped the heads off of nobles, the old LCR
gambling dice game and Zombie Dice.

I think Ticket to Ride was my favorite, though they were all really fun.


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  1. That was fun! I can’t believe we played so many games!

  2. Don’t worry, Rich, there will be lots more game playing in the future! I really want to play Time’s Up! Title Recall! with you all again. I laughed so hard at that game! Remember when Brian spent his entire turn acting out the three little pigs, and Leigh had no idea what he was doing? Awesome! :)

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