Glacier Montana

September 6, 2013  |  blog, camping

balanceThis past Sunday we returned to the U.S. and moved into Glacier National Park, where we had plans to meet up with Tim from the Van-Tramp blog.

Tim lives and travels in a van. He also does a lot of boondocking, so I was looking forward to hanging out. He initially turned down my offer for a hike on Monday since he was trying to fit a lot of sight-seeing into his one day off, but as chance would have it we ran into him at the very busy visitor center and he ended up joining us for the rest of the day.

Dinner Last Night:
Oh boy, we’ve been in vacation mode for the last week and a half. We’ve had too many meals out and we both are feeling the affects. After work last night we drove from Glacier to Missoula so I wasn’t up for cooking. We ended up having a “platter” also known as a “Judy dinner.” Last night it consisted of hummus, veggies and olives. We’re looking forward to getting back on track.

2013 Cost of Camping:
83 nights paid camping
165 nights free camping
248 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $2,264.38
Daily average cost of camping: $9.13


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  1. The picture of you tap dancing in the waterfall is priceless!

  2. Thanks Leigh and Brian. I am very happy we did end up meeting up on Monday… I was feeling pretty guilty that I bailed out. Until the South West!

    Safe travels.

    PS – Thank God that picture is not scratch-n-sniff :)

  3. Another pic of the ballerina

  4. Truly enjoying following along on your caravan. We’re hoping to get to Glacier next year.

  5. Fellow Airstreamers and wildlife writer and photographer Bert and Janie Gildart live near glacier and worked there earlier in their careers. You might enjoy their photographs and blog as well at:

    Nice fotos and a cool hat, I look forward to more.

  6. Leigh….you look like you might be capable of flight!!!An elegant wing span….

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