March 24, 2012  |  blog

Sometimes I don’t post when we don’t have anything going on. This week I haven’t been posting because we’ve been so busy. On Tuesday we flew from Vegas to Savannah to see my family in Hilton Head. Then yesterday we flew from Savannah to Washington D.C. for a wedding, so I’ve had next to no computer time.

Pictured above is me with my 95 year old Grandfather.


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  1. What a sweet photo! Have fun on the east coast, my friends.

  2. love the smile and grin..two beautiful people.

  3. so cool you still have your Grandpa…safe travels….The Curtis must be out at the ranch….xoxo

    • marcia easterling

      Grandpa looks very happy with his beautiful Granddaughter! Terrie, The Curtis is with his G’ma Easterling.

  4. That’s a nice photo.

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