Easy Holiday Lights

December 25, 2012  |  blog

Since we’re travelling back east to see my family for Christmas, I figured I’d write a Christmas day post in advance. I thought it would be festive to show a picture of the Airstream running lights.

When we were in Paso Robles, there was an Airstream Rally going on at the RV park we were staying at. One evening while we were walking Curtis, we noticed that all of the Airstreams were lit up. I went over to the Airstreamers milling around and asked how they got their running lights to turn on when they weren’t plugged in to their tow vehicles. One of the guys responded that we could get a switch installed, or we could just take a bent piece of copper and stick it in the plug that connects to the truck. He then walked me over to his Airstream where he had a bag full of them and gave us one to keep!

We don’t light up our running lights very often, but when we do it attracts attention.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Very pretty. Merry Christmas to ya’ll and to Curtis!

  2. She got my attention and looks lovely! A very Merry Christmas to you and yours! Safe travels heading east!

  3. Have a great holiday! As for the lights…I confess that little wire makes me nervous, as jury rigs often do…!

  4. Safe travels and a good holiday to all of you….know your Mom and Dad are loving having you there….I agree with Rich!

  5. We also keep an automotive fuse that will do this trick quite well! Hope you guys had a great time back east!

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