Hellhole Canyon Trail

January 14, 2014  |  blog

Sunday, the Watsons invited us to join them on a hike of the Hellhole Canyon Trail.


Along the way we saw Teddy Bear Cholla starting to flower,


and a few birds nests without their tenants.


There wasn’t a good spot to balance the camera for a group shot, so we had to settle for a selfie.

In case you aren’t following Tim on Instagram, you need to check out this photo he took of Brian, but don’t worry, Brian is ok.

Dinner Last Night:
Spinach Alfredo Linguine. When I first served this up, I thought it might have too much paprika, but after a few bites we both agreed that it was delicious. I saved some of the sauce and will probably use it in a wrap for lunch.


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  1. I love the selfie.
    When we were kids we used to think a rock with a ring around it was good luck. That would be a very lucky rock!

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