November 30, 2012  |  blog

Yesterday when I was researching RV parking in Los Angeles, I stumbled across a few articles that referred to people who live in their RV’s full time on the street as “homeless”:

“RV-dwelling homeless people deal drugs out of their vehicles.”
LA Weekly Blog

“Foster, one of roughly 1,200 valley RV dwellers counted last year, said he doesn’t consider himself homeless, because he has shelter. Many other vehicle dwellers feel the same.”
LA Times

“There’s controversy over “urban camping”: people living in their motor homes on residential streets. Many say they have no choice because they’re homeless. ”
K-ABC News

“In the neatly kept RV he calls his “monk’s cell,” Grant argues that more local governments should allow single people to live this way.”
LA Times

While I was trying out a new recipe, (Rustic Bread & Eggplant Lasagna) I couldn’t stop thinking about the perception people have of full-time rv’ers. Of course some people may truly be homeless because their RV is the only option they have. Then there are weirdos like us who choose it as a lifestyle.

If I was a home-owner I wouldn’t want an RVer living on the street out front of my house, but from what I’ve seen, most urban RV dwellers stay away from residential neighborhoods and either flock together or try really hard to be inconspicuous.

Anyway. The Eggplant Lasagna was just so so. It’s a vegan recipe (and we’re not vegan). We really missed the cheese.


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  1. Gotta have the cheese!

  2. That recipe sounds amazing! I bookmarked it for later- but I’ll have to add at least a little cheese :)

    • Hey Amanda –

      I would recommend using your favorite tomato sauce instead of the cans of blended organic tomatoes. I had to keep adding and adding to it to get some good flavor going.

  3. You might try the moniker I used for 15 months in ’09 and ’10 when I considered myself “undomiciled” though that might not work with your glorious silver mobile abode.

    Maybe brick & mortarless.

    Earthly detachment.

    or just . . . On the Road.

  4. Just because your houseless doesn’t mean you can’t have cheese.

  5. I was surprised to read some consider RVrs to be homeless. I would consider it a luxury to be able to live on the road as ya’ll do and remember……home is where the heart is!

  6. At your level (thank goodness) RV living is a lifestyle choice– and a fairly expensive one. For many, though, it’s the deluxe version of living in a car, which is the deluxe version of living in a tent, which is the deluxe version of being completely homeless, which is about being in such serious need for the basic necessities of life that it is a logical economic choice. It would be nice if everyone everywhere had basic shelter, nutrition, and safety, huh…?

  7. I’m jealous of your *homeless* lifestyle!

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