Just the 2 of Us

April 8, 2014  |  blog

We’ve been doing a LOT of socializing lately. The last time we had an entire week alone was when we were in Yuma in January.

So, for the next two weeks it’s just the two of us. Well, more accurately, including our buddy, it’s just the three of us; which means more time for cooking and long walks after dinner!

Dinner Last Night:
Tomato Nut Roast with Buckwheat and Seeds. This was very good. I think it will be even better as a sandwich with lettuce and tomato.


2014 Cost of Camping:
**$180 for 6 nights through Friday 4/11**
16 night paid camping
84 nights free camping
100 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $485
Daily average cost of camping: $4.85


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  1. Totally understand the need to be alone. We have been socializing since the beginning of Feb. While our last months were awesome, we are enjoying our alone time for sure.

    The recipe sounds wonderful. About how many tomatoes did you use? I don’t have buckwheat, would another grain work? Thanks, Leigh:)

    • I looked up 125g and came up with 1/4 as a possible measurement, but then that looked too skimpy, so I ended up using 1 C.

      The buckwheat groats are fascinating and awesome. I tried them once before in an overnight recipe and didn’t like them. This time I cooked them (following the Bob’s Red Mill directions) and loved them. They had a real “meaty” texture and look to them (that’s the fascinating part) and they taste great. I definitely want to try cooking them for breakfast. To answer your question, you could probably substitute something like pearl barley or brown rice.

      • Thanks, Leigh, for answering my questions:)

        I think I’ll try farro with this. It seems similar to your description. I will have to try the buckwheat groats when we get back into civilization. I wanted to try the recipe now and I’ll have to go with what I have. We are truly in nowhere USA. Quinoa hasn’t made it here yet!! Next week we are heading to Atanta so I’ll have Whole Foods, TJ’s, and nice natural organic stores.

        Happy alone time:)

  2. That tomato nut roast sounds delicious!

    And yes, you two dazzling free-range Airstreamers deserve some quality time alone (w/Curtis). After reviewing the last 3 years of your postings, you two certainly rank as social butterflies!

    Meanwhile, as we get ready to celebrate our 41st anniversary (did you know “land” is the gift?) we heartily recommend rekindling your devotion to each other.

    Luckily, the Central Coast of California is ideal for such a get-away–snaps to you for good planning.

  3. Glad I got to meet you before your people sabbatical. Enjoy the couple time!

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