LA Property

December 17, 2012  |  blog

Yesterday for fun, we drove around looking at land for sale. We aren’t seriously looking, but we did find a really cheap un-buildable half acre with decent views. The only problem is we aren’t sure if we can get in or out of it with the trailer. Though clearly somehow this 5th wheel got in.

When we got home, Brian looked it up on google maps and he plans to go back and see if we actually would be able to maneuver the trailer in and out.


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  1. Unfortunately it won’t work for us. Brian went back today and drove to where he thought he might be able to turn the trailer around, but he couldn’t and ended up backing the truck out. Bummer.

  2. why couldn’t you build a turn around….how cheap is it? or what is cheap in LA area?

  3. The fifth wheel got in there SOMEHOW, eh…?

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