Memorial Gnomes

February 25, 2014  |  blog

Brian and Tede are camping near us in their 5th Wheel. They’re from Vancouver Island in Canada and are vacationing in the South West for a month.

When Brian’s mom passed away she left a big collection of gnomes. Now, whenever Brian and Tede go on a trip, they bring a gnome and place it somewhere special. When they first started doing it, they found their gnomes were getting stolen, so now they place the gnomes a bit more off the beaten path and include a message on the bottom explaining that it’s a memorial.

They have about 20 more gnomes left to place, which means 20 more vacations and continuing memories of Brian’s mom.

2014 Cost of Camping:
0 nights paid camping
54 nights free camping
54 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $17
Daily average cost of camping: $0.31


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  1. What a wonderful idea and a great tribute to her mother.

  2. They should have turned them into geocaches and left a story about his mom on each one of them. That would have been fun so that others could find them as well.

  3. Hi….I had to write when I saw your name Tede. When I was a little girl I could not say my sisters name (Diantha) so I called he Tede. Iam now 78 years old and my sister is 77, I do not call her Tede anymore …..I have never heard that name before so we found it a interesting and wonder if it is a nick name for you too. My daughter is a full time RVer she travels with Jim and Gayle in their “Lazy Daze” RV’s Lifes little adventures….Pat

    • I can’t remember what Tede is short for…hopefully she’ll visit the blog and remind me! I’ve met Gayle of Jim and Gayle!

    • That’s pretty much how Tede got her name. It was her brother who couldn’t say her name, Teresa, if I recall correctly.

      Dennis – the guy who was camping with TD&B.

  4. Might these fine folks be from Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada?

    Love the Geocache idea, BTW, LaneVids!

  5. Great Job Guys,

    Your Mom and Dad are so loving this TD and B!

    Having travelled with you and the Gnome thru California, we are home now on Vancouver Island to a foot of snow and so excited to see this little G made it to somewhere warm and your task completed. Miss you and look forward to seeing your smiling faces for real when you return. Thanks for bringing joy, laughter and love wherever you go and sharing your vacation with us. See you soon for another camping adventure and Gnome transplant!

    Walka, Walka!!

  6. This is awesome!! If I could just find these at derby lol miss you all and have a great time at the race!! Enjoy AZ!! Can’t wait to hear all the stories.

  7. Happy Holidays. What a wonderful idea.
    Geoff and Jill
    Vancouver Island, BC

  8. Great tribute to granny and your dad

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