Mid-life Hair

Mid-life Hair

March 20, 2011  |  blog

Last weekend someone said to me: “Oh you got a haircut, is that your mid-life hair?” I said “what?” hoping he would recognize his gaffe and say something different. He didn’t and said “Is that your mid-life hair? You know how women cut their hair short when they get older?”

All week I’ve had this song in my head:

Mid-life hair offender – I find it funny now, so please no hurt feelings from this post. xo


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  1. That actually reminds me of a similar story! When I was still 30-something (a long, long time ago), after having had a string of sports cars and then a VW bus for awhile, I bought this little brown Audi Fox sedan that I thought was pretty comfy and cool. Took it to show my good friends Bob and Marnie. “Oh,” said Marnie…”a car for the Middle Years!” “Ouch,” I thought.

    Anyway, I for one really like your new haircut. Feels like it does mark an important transition of some kind, and that’s always exciting!


  2. I love how you look!

  3. Kier from Oregon

    Dear girl….you would look beautiful with a shaved head! I love the new look, fun, stylish and different! Can’t get in a rut with the same ole ~ same ole hairdo! Keep ‘em guessing…that’s more fun! Take care…

  4. “Mid life hair”, on women is about an inch long. Yours looks great!

  5. Cute haircut! I can never pull off bangs…

  6. A., your young-life hair looks great.
    B., reminds me of when my aunt went to 50th HS reunion, and a guy staring at her asked, “Are you Jean M.?” After she said yes, he said, “I thought so, but you’ve changed your hair.”
    C., Rich, after divorce around (hopefully) mid-life, got a 300ZX Turbo, and told friends, I think I’m on p. 87 of “Passages.”

  7. look at all these comments from people who don’t want you to have hurt feelings…..I agree with the even if you were bald comment…..and your grandad is 94….I doubt that you are at mid-life yet……

  8. If you have the right face and the looks to “carry it” short(er) hair is hot! It’s always good to “mix it up” and you look great. I remember you and Brian (and Curtie) from 1962 Flying Cloud and lived vicariously though you. I’m happy that you bought a new Flying Cloud and will be traveling again. I’m a teacher and will retire July 2012. It’s my dream to have an Airstream and travel with my dog Cali. Thanks for putting a “bright spot” in my day, and the dream in my heart…

    • Hi everyone –

      Thank you for all of the supportive comments – you guys are awesome.

      Cheryl – we don’t have the new Airstream yet, but we certainly are counting down. I think we’re somewhere around 197 days ’til we get it.


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