A Q&A Flop

May 23, 2014  |  blog

Last night Dave and Kelly tried to turn the tables and interview us. We didn’t make the job easy, in fact we were so bad that we’re going to skip publishing it!

Dinner Last Night:
Green Bean Al Fresco and ravioli. I actually made this green bean salad earlier this week and had the left-overs last night. I love that it calls for just a few good ingredients and it’s not some big complicated recipe.

2014 Cost of Camping:
$248 for the week thru Monday 5/26
53 night paid camping
92 nights free camping
145 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $1610
Daily average cost of camping: $11.10


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  1. pretty beautiful spot! But obviously you didn’t have the right wine, or in any case not enough of it. You may not have known that inadequate lubrication is the Number 1 cause of interview failure…make a note of it!

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