Strawberry Mountain Trail

August 25, 2014  |  blog

On Saturday, we were joined by our friend Kerri. So yesterday we hiked the Strawberry Mountain Trail in the Okanogan National Forest.


We have 2 hiking books that include this trail, and one described it as easy-to moderate, while the other described the trail as “more difficult.” I think the word “Mountain” in it’s name is a clue that it might be more difficult.


2014 Cost of Camping:
126 night paid camping
110 nights free camping
236 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $3274.79
Daily average cost of camping: $13.88


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  1. We’ve learned to up the rating a notch since trails always seem harder than the guide states. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  2. Are you taking today off to celebrate Brian’s birthday? Hope you’re having a happy birthday!

  3. The hiking sticks at the start are sometimes a clue:) We have found the elevation gain/loss is more a predicter for us. I can hike forever on the flat but those 2000+ foot gain in a few miles are real killers!

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