Territorial Boondockers

January 15, 2014  |  blog

Some campers try to stake their claim on public land by hanging caution tape or blocking roads.


These efforts seem kind of silly since most boondockers don’t want to park right next to another rig unless they’re with a group and those looking to socialize end up finding the nearby boondocking spot called Peg Leg.

Dinner Last Night:
Field roast and a salad. I tried making crispy cornmeal sweet potato fries, but ended up failing. The recipe said they should take 40 minutes at 400. I did an hour and they still weren’t cooked. The oven gets hot enough to make breakfast cookies, so I’m not sure what’s going on here. I think I need an oven thermometer.


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  1. Hmmm…sometimes these boondocking photos have a sort of post-apocalyptic feel to them…

  2. Do you mind if I use one of these photos (attributed to you of course) in an upcoming post on boondocking etiquette? I forgot to take a shot of the taped guy when I was there.

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