Burbank Boondocking

December 25, 2011  |  California, camping

Happy Christmas!

The past two nights we’ve been camping next to the Johnny Carson Park in Burbank. Curtis loves having a park outside our front door.

Link: Burbank Large Non-Commercial Vehicle (LNCV) Parking Permits


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  1. So “boondocking” is just a fancy name for, you know, “vagrancy”…? Is this what our city streets have come to…???!!!

  2. looks great for the Curtis….

  3. @Rich

    To my mind, someone responsible enough to acquire the necessary permits and pay the requested fees described in the link below the picture is a participating member of society who happens to be passing through, far from any reasonable definition of vagrancy. That’s particularly true in any locale that offers such permits in exchange for said fees.

    • OMD, looks like your fan base has grown beyond the little circle that knows my comments are always tongue in cheek…! I’m gonna have to watch it! And I still don’t know what “boondocking” is…

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