Noble Creek Park

December 27, 2013  |  California

For the last 2 nights we’ve been camping at Noble Creek Park in Beaumont California and we’ve had the entire place to ourselves. It’s actually wasn’t too surprising that this park was empty considering the hoops we had to jump through to stay here.

Last week I called to make a reservation and after the lady on the phone charged our card for the 2 nights she emailed me a form to fill out and either email or fax back. The form asked for some basic information along with a more unusual request for my drivers license number and insurance policy number. I tried emailing it back to her with a “digital signature,” but apparently they needed the real thing so we went to the Joshua Tree Library to print out the form.

Once I sent it back, we were supposed to get a permit that we would have to print and hang from our window. After some phone calls, we finally got our form. In the end, it was worth the hassle. Curtis loved the grass and it’s really convenient to Brian’s Brother’s house.

2013 Cost of Camping:
119 nights paid camping
241 nights free camping
360 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $3,261.29
Daily average cost of camping: $9.06


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  1. Hi,
    Do you have to make a reservation? Can you just show up the same day you want to stay? Thank you. : )

  2. Oh thank you, Leigh! We are in the Beaumont area now so your post was perfect timing for us.

    We’ll try staying at Morongo a few nights and by that time we should be able to get a reservation.

    Your website is great! Thank you for all the great camping info and your effort on posting it all! ^^ It’s really helpful!

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