Casino Camping

February 14, 2012  |  camping, Nevada

On Saturday morning Brian suggested we take a day trip to Laughlin so we could buy powerball tickets over the border in Arizona and then maybe play some poker. The drive from Vegas to Laughlin is 2 hours, so the only way I was interested in going was if we could bring the trailer and stay the night. I googled “casino camping” and found that we could stay at Harrah’s for $5.

When we arrived in Laughlin, we discovered there is RV camping without hookups at pretty much all of the casinos. We ended up paying a premium rate of $7 for the night to camp across the street from the River Palms on a cliff overlooking Casino Drive. The spaces are huge and it wasn’t very crowded. The weekly rate is $35, so I think we’ll be back!

River Palms Resort
2700 South Casino Drive
Laughlin, Nevada 89029-1516
(702) 298-2242


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  1. Sure, nice…but how much did you WIN???!!

    • We didn’t win. Though we both played really well. It was a 5 table tournament, and we made it down to 14 or so players. Bri went out shortly after I did. We both lost on good hands. My pocket Queens lost to Jacks on the river and Brian’s was a pocket pair of some sort, I wasn’t paying attention and he doesn’t remember.

  2. Score! So, how much DID you win? besides the view, that is.

  3. desert diva does lots of casino camping and seems to love it…mostly in Oregon….

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