Dockweiler Beach RV Park

February 4, 2012  |  California, camping

We’ve spent the last 3 nights camping at Dockweiler Beach RV Park located on the beach next to Los Angeles International Airport. We paid $205 for 3 nights for front row to the beach. Unfortunately the ocean view is quite minimal since there is a giant man-made sand dune between the RV park and the water (you can see it in the photo above). We’re in spot #13, so any spot number lower than 13 has a partial ocean view. Next time we stay here we’ll get cheap seats in the back row.

Yesterday morning I saw a bunch of seagulls sitting on the sand dune and of course they took off when I approached. This picture doesn’t really capture how cool it was.

Dockweiler Beach RV Park
12001 Vista Del Mar
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
(310) 322-7036


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  1. The Curtis would love to chase those gulls….

  2. So was it worth putting-up with the LAX noise? We found it to be not worth the noise.

    • Hi Lisa,

      The airplane noise was really bad, it went on late through the night. The nearby sewage plant smelled pretty nasty on occasion too. Unfortunately the location is convenient to our dentist, though next time we might try Malibu.

  3. We’ve stayed at Malibu Beach RV Resort and found it to be really enjoyable, and amazing for sunsets :)

  4. PS: there’s one of the 3 axle Airstreams there and my guess is that it’s Mathew McConaghey’s…It was clearly always there, but not always resided in.

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