Oasis Las Vegas

May 7, 2012  |  Nevada

We’re back in Vegas and we’re camping in the best spot we’ve ever had at Oasis. We weren’t very happy with our previous super saver monthly spots because they were up against cement walls, no picnic tables, no grass and rather depressing. We’re spending $300 more a month for our spot, but we’re so much happier. We are looking out on the dog walk area, and we have grass and a picnic table.

I’m sorry if the blog gets boring over the next month (though we will be taking a few trips without the trailer). The next time we move we’ll be headed north June 16.


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  1. Now that we’re (almost) 1/2 way through 2012, when does your itinerary take you through Houston?

  2. Kier from Oregon

    If you are coming N via Salem you are welcome to stop here

  3. Looks like the Prius is towing the Airstream :)

  4. wouldn’t it be great if the Prius could tow….I wish the new Fiat could tow….love that car….looks like you will be in Vegas long enough for Brian to win enough poker to pay your extra lot rent!!

  5. If I had a dollar for everyone that asks us if we tow with the Prius…

  6. Maybe you dump the Prius, buy the Fiat as it will fit in the back of the pickup!

    Headed north towards????

    • Tom – you’re reading our minds…we were thinking smart car and get a lift in the truck. Though the lift is 4k, so that’s what’s stopping us.

      • Oh you are way overthinking this! How about going to Home Depot and picking up two 2×6′s and drive the Fiat up into the truck? Ok, maybe upgrade a bit and by two 2×12′s. :)

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