RV Park For Sale

June 20, 2013  |  washington

Earlier this week Brian found an RV park with 9 spots for sale about 30 minutes from our place. If it wasn’t for the 5,000 square foot schoolhouse on the property we might really consider it.


It’s awesome but needs a LOT of work.


When we met the owner he told us the price was $139k, down from $149k. Now it’s $129k. We debated to ourselves, at what point is it so cheap that we have to buy it. We really considered it for a few hours again last night. Our current thinking is that we don’t want to stick around and run it and it would just be something we’d worry about.


PS: The current owner went to first grade there, so he wouldn’t be too excited about the building getting bulldozed. It really has great potential, it just needs a ton of work.

Dinner Last Night:
Cauliflower Steaks with Mushroom Gravy. The vegan gravy tasted just the way gravy should. I served it with leftover salad from the night before.


I updated the last few posts with dinner photos. Once I joked with Nan that we didn’t actually eat what I said we ate on the blog. So I thought adding photo evidence might be fun since I love looking at pictures of food. This one is a little grey looking, but I blame that on the rain.

2013 Cost of Camping:
51 nights paid camping
119 nights free camping
171 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $1,089.08
Daily average cost of camping: $6.37


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  1. Too bad the park doesn’t have a few more spots. By the time you hire a few workcampers, the place would be full! But the schoolhouse could be fixed up to be a reception type place…weddings?? In the long run it sounds too much like work for two people who want to travel.

    I made the potato salad last night…wonderful!!!
    Love the gravy for the cauliflower!! Yum! Thanks for the picture:)

    • It would be great for weddings once it was fixed up, but you’re right – “too much work for two people who want to travel!”

  2. 9 spots @ ?$?$?
    Could be a good deal.

  3. It looks gorgeous! I love the schoolhouse and you could do so many things with that building. But…do you really want to stick around and put a ton of work into it? Would be perfect for someone with carpentry skills who wanted to live there and spend the time fixing it up. Is there extra land for more sites? Could you just close down the building for a few years and keep the RV part open, or is it too much of an eye sore as is? I can see you how it would be tempting. I constantly have fantasies of us one day running an RV park. But then the reality of having to stay in one place and deal with all those people and kids (gasp) kicks in and it doesn’t sound so glamorous anymore.

    • We talked about closing up the building, but it would bother me. I would want it fixed up or removed.

      We also talked about getting a work camper in, but then it always comes back to what to do with the school house.

  4. You need a partner with wicked handyman skills and no wanderlust.

  5. Would the school be large even to have a laundry and an activity center?

  6. Do you think there might be another business that might want it, for inexpensive rent in lieu of putting the repairs and capital into the schoolhouse? Could it be an organic grocery store, local movie theatre, performance space, art school, gallery, writers’ retreat, yoga retreat, conference centre, forestry/ranch land research centre, cross country ski lodge? I don’t know enough about the local area, but a complementary or non- conflicting use might work.

    • Sure, though the building needs a lot of fixing up before someone could rent it. At minimum 100k in repairs, though more like 2 or 300k to get it up to snuff.

  7. Where is this located?

  8. Where is the property? I can think of a loot of uses but viability will depend highly on location and what the general area is like.

  9. the old school must have been all grade levels….can’t imagine why else they would need one so large in a remote area….not a lifestyle for you, I wouldn’t think

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