Endless Breeze

July 28, 2014  |  curtis  |  7 Comments

We're lucky to be plugged in during the heatwave so we can have the air conditioning going all day. However, when I made dinner tonight the temperature inside the trailer spiked. Fortunately, we have the Endless Breeze 12V Fan by Fan-Tastic Vent. When we first bought the fan, we thought it...

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Curtie's Dog Ramp

Curtie’s Dog Ramp

07/07/2014  |  5 Comments

We finally got the old guy a ramp. There were a few occasions recently where he'd act like he...

Wet Paws

Wet Paws

06/25/2014  |  6 Comments

I'm not sure what Curtie hates more, having his photo taken or getting his paws dried. Well pictured above...

Curtie Gets His Teeth Cleaned

Curtie Gets His Teeth Cleaned

06/19/2014  |  15 Comments

It was really hard for us to make the decision to get our buddy's teeth cleaned today. He's 14...

Emperor Curtis

Emperor Curtis

04/24/2014  |  5 Comments

I haven't bought Curtis a squeaky toy since he was a baby. He used to destroy them within minutes,...

Beach Dog

Beach Dog

04/17/2014  |  9 Comments

Our 14 year old C-monkey hasn't been on the blog lately, so this morning we made a point to walk...

Curtie's Throwback Thursday

Curtie’s Throwback Thursday

03/13/2014  |  9 Comments

When I got Curtis he was the size of a cat and I was still experimenting with hair color. ...