Curtie's 1st Haircut

Curtie’s 1st Haircut

August 4, 2011  |  curtis

Yesterday Curtis got his first haircut, he’s been professionally bathed many times, but he’s never had a haircut. I googled dog groomers in Bellingham and found Claudio. Claudio got great reviews on yelp, and only takes one appointment at a time so there aren’t any other dogs or any waiting in kennels. He plays soothing spa music and specializes in hair styling. I love Curtie’s new do, in spite of all the white hair I think he looks like a puppy!

link: Restoration Pup Wear


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  1. He’s naked! But so handsome with his new do

  2. Claudio must be good- Curtis looks handsome and happy.

  3. awwww, cute!! my girlfriend REALLY wants you to take photos of her dog. when are you in la???

  4. Don’t forget the lotion if he’s out in the sun too long.

  5. So short! Does he like it?!

  6. he looks so happy!!!! I love that boy and his parents….should have nice new hair grow in….but do protect him from the sun….his hair protects him….dogs get melanoma too….kiss him for us….we are so excited to see you get on the road again….xoxoxo

  7. HAPPY dog!

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