Granola Recipe Review

Granola Recipe Review

April 9, 2011  |  breakfast

Since making the wedding granola last week, I don’t want store bought cereal. So this week I tried this really great Cluster Granola Recipe. I didn’t have cardamom and saw that it was $14 at the grocery store and figured it wasn’t worth it for 1/2 a teaspoon, and I couldn’t find my nutmeg. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly and it’s really good. Quite different from the other granola recipe.


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  1. i ate cereal every morning on my recent vacation in Italy.
    one of the highlights of the trip.
    corn flake, bran mixed with a little muesli with whole milk!

  2. still unpacking my kitchen but I will send along my favorite granola recipe when I uncover it – with yogurt and banana is my morning delivery mode.

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