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October 30, 2011  |  food, wine

We started our day with a 10:30 appointment at Ecluse Wines. I had researched award winners and found that both Ecluse and Thatcher had tied for the San Francisco Chronicle Red Sweepstakes winner. Ecluse was my favorite place that we visited yesterday. In addition to the standard tasting we went in the back of the winery and tasted some grapes, some crushed smoothie-like grapes (that tasted like blueberries and chocolate) and we also had a barrel tasting.

Ecluse Wines
1520 Kiler Canyon Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 238-4998

We continued on to Farmstand 46 where we bought sandwiches to bring with us to our next winery.

Farmstand 46
3750 Highway 46
Templeton, CA 93465-8790
(805) 239-3661

Thatcher winery was the other award winner from the SF Chronicle. I don’t think anyone purchased wine at Thatcher, but we really enjoyed their picnic area.

Thatcher Winery
8355 Vineyard Drive
Paso Robles, CA 93446-7613
(805) 237-0087

I didn’t make a reservation at Opolo, but since we had the time, the gang wanted to give it a try. None of the wines were a hit with us.

Opolo Vineyards
7110 Vineyard Drive
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 238-9593

I think Denner was my favorite wine for the day. Their tasting room is only open for members, but somehow I got us a reservation.

Denner Vineyards
5414 Vineyard Drive
Paso Robles, California 93446
(805) 239-4287

We went to Epoch wines because Heather went to college with their consulting winemaker Justin Smith of Saxum Vineyards.

Epoch Wines
7505 York Mountain Road
Templeton, CA 93465
(805) 237-7575

We had a nice time relaxing on the patio at Booker Wines, however most of their bottles were $60 each. I think Scott bought 1. (not sure which) I’m saving pictures from Booker for tomorrow’s post.

Booker Wines
2640 Anderson Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446-9612
(805) 237-7367

We made one last stop (also not on the reservation itinerary) where we knew we could find more affordable and good wine.

Peachy Canyon Winery
1480 North Bethel Road
Templeton – (866) 335-1918

Seven wineries in one day is pretty record breaking for us, but Brian and I shared all of the tastings and gave each pretty much 2 sips and then dumped them out. The first sip seems to be deceiving and the second one is more accurate to what you’re tasting. The gang made fun of us because we were carting around our camelbak filled with water but it was our secret weapon that got us through the day.


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  1. my good friend, Karin, has a sister, Kory who lives in Templeton….Peachy Canyon is Kory’s favorite….also Chronic Cellars, I believe, was started by sons of Peachy Canyon….one of their claims to fame is Sofa King Bueno….pretty clever, took me a while to get it….

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