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September 29, 2012  |  poker

We haven’t played poker since April, so it was fun to get out last night and play the $65 Bounty No-Limit Hold’em Poker Tournament at Elk Valley Casino in Crescent City.

It turned out the structure wasn’t to my liking. I was expecting 10,000 starting chips, 15 minute blind levels with a $10 optional add-on for an additional 5,000 in chips. 15 minutes is a little short for me, I prefer 20 or 30 rounds. What we didn’t know was that after the first 3 rounds they went to 10 minutes. We wouldn’t have played had I known that.

So I went out shortly after the break (and enjoyed the sign at the bathroom), but fortunately my manly man won back my buy-in in bounties and then cashed for 3rd place.

In Curtis news…I wonder how much is too much information for the blog. I know that readers of our blog really care about him so I share in the least graphic terms possible. Anyway. We’re monitoring his bathroom activities at this point. I’m not sure that we’re totally happy with it, but then his diet the last 2 days has been just eggs and rice. This morning I gave him a slightly smaller serving of his prescription kibble. We’re still crossing fingers, we’re not out of the woods yet.

Speaking of woods, today we’re driving through a lot more redwoods and will be camping overnight at Richardson Grove State Park where we won’t have cell service. On Sunday we’re moving to Calistoga for the week. The good news is, we’ll be in the area for the next 3 weeks, so if C needs a vet we’ll actually be able to bring him back to the same person for a follow-up if needed.


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  1. good on the Brian poker win…good on staying close to the vet for the Curtis…what does Bellingham say? isn’t this part of the original issue? private message if you are more comfortable with that…we can’t get enough info about The Curtis…xoxo

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