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Last week we pulled out the left bench and dropped it off with it’s new owner. In it’s place I finally have a real office chair. YAY!

I still have to go back and forth between sitting and standing. I use the Stand Up! app to remind me to switch things up.

When I had the booth, I used the back cushion as my laptop stand. Now, I’m using a StandStand. It’s a “portable” standing desk, which I love, though unfortunately, it’s not stable enough to walk away from while others are in the trailer. If someone were to slam the door or bump into the table my laptop would probably go flying.

Someday we plan to renovate the inside of the trailer, at which point I’ll get a proper sit-stand desk. Meanwhile, the StandStand is a good solution.

To round off my ergonomic Airstream office, I’ve upgraded my standing mat to the Topo by Ergodriven. My old anti-fatigue mat had too much cushion which made my ankles unstable and led to pain. The flat part of the Topo mat isn’t too squishy and you can stretch your toes or your calves on the sides, or massage your arch with the bump in the middle. It’s amazing.

2016 Cost of Camping:
26 nights free camping
247 nights paid camping
273 days this year thru 10/1
Total spent on camping this year: $6863.98
Daily average cost of camping: $25.14


  • BK

    We just bought a 27′ FB Twin, and I think yours has an identical dinette setup.
    I’ve been thinking about doing exactly what you did in ripping the bench out to make room for a chair.

    Could you answer two questions I have?
    1) Is removing it something an unhandy human could manage?
    2) Any complaints?

    Thanks so much!

    • Leigh

      Hi BK, sorry for the delayed response! We’re about as un-handy as it comes, it wasn’t a problem to remove. I’m happy we removed the bench, but in retrospect would have found a place to store it in case we ever want to sell the Airstream.

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