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Back on the Road

We flew back to Vegas from Boston on Friday, then pulled out of our campsite yesterday at 6:30am.

The GPS said it would take 6.5 hours to get to Kings Canyon National Park, but we knew since we were towing it would be at least an hour more.

I was a little concerned as we approached, because there was a lot of haze from a wildfire on the other side of the mountains; though as we climbed elevation, the haze lifted.

Total drive time was 8 hours including stops for lunch and gas. There’s a reason we don’t normally do long drives, it was exhausting.

Dinner Last Night:
Cauliflower Shawarma with hummus and tzatziki sauce. I substituted vegan yogurt for regular but usually prefer veganaise. It was all very good and easy to throw together.


2015 Cost of Camping:
$48.38 – last night in Vegas
$126.00 – $18/night thru Saturday 6/6

77 night paid camping
77 nights free camping
154 days this year
Total spent: $1340.97
Daily average cost: $8.71

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