Back in LA

We just spent two weeks in Los Angeles, and for our first visit with friends, we met up with Tiffani and Deke. Last time we saw them, was a little over a year ago right before they moved west.

For our first week in LA, we stayed at Dockweiler RV Park which is right on the beach. My cousin Whit came to visit us there and again when we moved over to Burbank.

Over in Burbank, our friend Ryan used our trailer for a photoshoot.

We attended a couple Christmas parties and were happy we got to see Brian’s sister Alison and long time family friend Marielle.

We also saw our dear friends Cat & Robb and spent the evening teaching the kids how to play poker.

Ryan hosted a small party for our last night in LA. It was fun having the guys back together after all these years.

2017 Cost of Camping:
122 nights free camping
236 nights paid camping
358 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $8152.21
Daily average cost of camping: $22.77

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