Brenda’s Spa Treatments

Yesterday, Brenda treated me to an all natural home-made herbal facial treatment. It began with a beautiful scrub that she concocted from honey, clay, roses, oatmeal and a bunch of other good ingredients.

We followed the scrub with an incredible soothing face steam. First, Brenda boiled water and then poured it in these metal bowls that we filled with lavender, chamomile, baby roses and two other ingredients that I can’t remember the names of. We covered ourselves with towels and let the steam open our pores. Pictured above is Brenda!

After the steam we did avocado and clay masks. I did take some photos, but they’re pretty gross. After the masks, we used rose water for toner and then applied a really nice moisture that Brenda made.

Meanwhile, the guys were in the next room editing and uploading photos. They totally missed out.

Pictured above isn’t something you could slather on your face, well, you probably could, however, it’s a homemade mint chocolate chip “ice cream” and a recipe worth sharing.

My diet is still rather limited, though a lot more diverse than it was 5 months ago, and since I really love food and love to cook, it’s been a whole new challenge working within my safe ingredients. This one is a keeper.

2017 Cost of Camping:
55 nights free camping
229 nights paid camping
284 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $7687.21
Daily average cost of camping: $27.07


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