Nothing new to report. Today we’re leaving our property in anticipation of Monday and Tuesday’s heatwave. Yesterday wasn’t too hot, so it makes me wonder if the weather predictions are going to be accurate.

If it does get really hot, we don’t want to be stuck on a work-day unable to spend 2 or 3 hours driving to a new location and then facing down a holiday weekend with less of a chance of finding hookups.

So yesterday we did some chores, laundry and groceries and today we’re going to head down to Chelan where it’s going to be hot, but there’s a first come first serve campground with hookups that should have availability today. On the plus side, we’ve always wanted to spend time there.

Dinner Last Night:
Green Powerhouse Pesto Plate. Another repeat recipe for us. This is really good, I just added it to our “menu.”


2013 Cost of Camping:
52 nights paid camping
128 nights free camping
181 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $1,109.08
Daily average cost of camping: $6.13

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