Lake Mead Hiking

Yesterday we tried to go on the Hamblin Mountain hike. Tim was our fearless leader, who at one point said “If you trust me, we can make it a loop” rather than hike back the way we came.


The team agreed to follow Tim, and later learned on instagram that he had no idea where he was, though he was probably kidding since he’s a really good geo-cacher.

We didn’t make it to the top since we were losing light, but did end up doing more than 5 miles without noticing since we were gabbing the entire time.

For more details, check out Dave & Kelly’s blog post about yesterday.

2013 Cost of Camping:
117 nights paid camping
212 nights free camping
329 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $3,201.29
Daily average cost of camping: $9.73

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