Organ Pipe National Park Hike

The day we moved over to Twin Peaks Campground, we met up with the gang for a hike up Bull Pasture Trail. From left to right: Carolyn, Brad, Becky, John, Bri, me, Peter.

Carolyn warned us at a certain point on the trail, we’d have to make a decision whether or not to continue because the hike would become more rigorous. I knew I couldn’t handle it getting any more difficult, and then suddenly we were at the top.

While we rested, I snapped this photo of Peter thinking it might be good for his dating profile.

Halfway down the trail, there is an option to take a different route back to the parking lot. The scenery was worth the extra half mile and almost getting lost.

2019 Cost of Camping:
92 nights free camping
14 nights paid camping
106 days this year
Total spent on camping this year: $250
Daily average cost of camping: $2.36

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