Vegas RV Storage

For the past week, we’ve been staying at Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort.

When we stay at Oasis, we ask for spot 666 because we can usually count on no one else requesting that number, and also because of it’s location by the dog park, the “view” it offers and the landscaping.

Yesterday we moved over to the low-rent district (pictured above) because we’re flying to the east coast today. Oasis charges $10/night for storage, and when we return, the rate will go back up to $48 for the night we’ll be staying in that spot. It’s pretty convenient.

2015 Cost of Camping:
Storage for 6 nights – $10/night – through Friday 5/29
69 night paid camping
77 nights free camping
146 days this year
Total spent: $1166.59
Daily average cost: $7.99

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