free camping in kofa quartzsite

Camping in Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

After maxing out our Verizon plan at Imperial Dam, we moved over to Kofa View for some fast internet on AT&T.

furry dog on man's lap

Tim, Kerri & Moose joined us. This is the last winter they’ll be camping in the van, so it was good to spend some time together.

chili in a frito bag

We were soon joined by Kayo. Pictured above, we’re celebrating the five year anniversary of the Campendium website being live by recreating the dinner we had back in 2015.

3 men and a dog on a walk

Skyler and Tori arrived a few days later, followed by Jonathan, and every evening we would go for 4-5 mile walk. The moment pictured above is special because we rarely have more than two people on the Campendium team together at the same time. Pictured is Brian with Jonathan (who works on data) and Skyler (who works on the iOS app).

people around a campfire

There were even more surprises with the arrival of Maggie & Brad, Margot & Mike, Good Brian and Joni making for a fun week of socializing.

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