After Vegas, we had a week to kill before an appointment in Los Angeles, so we tried out another new spot (for us) in Mojave National Preserve. Unfortunately, we had to leave after only four days because the NOAA Weather App alerted us to extremely high winds. Otherwise, it was a fantastic spot and we didn’t see anyone at all during our stay.

We finally started heading north for the summer after a week in Los Angeles. First stop was Fossil Falls Dry Lake Bed. This was another isolated spot where we saw only one other RV for a couple days in the distance.

There was a herd of sheep that generally stayed away from where we were camping, except for one night when we woke up to the herding dog circling our trailer and barking like crazy in order to keep the sheep away from us. While we weren’t happy about the incessant barking, though we did appreciate how smart and hard working dog this dog was.

Another interesting thing about this spot are the underground beehives all along the main road. They seemed to be mostly on one side of the road, so on our evening walks, we would stick to the other side and walk quickly past the spots that seemed more densely populated.

We ended the month in this stunning campsite. Buttermilk Road is popular with rock climbers and was pretty busy on the weekends, but there was still a good distance between us and other campers.

Even though there was snow on the mountains, there were gorgeous wildflowers all around.

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